Thursday, February 22, 2007

Screenshots - Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy-Eft (Linux)

Some screen shots of my Dell Inspiron E1405 powered by Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy-Eft. Have a look in to those.. Don't you think Linux has come a long way in desktop and laptops .. ? Those who haven't tried it ... best way to experience it is using a Ubuntu live CD(no need to install to disk), which can ordered on line free of cost from

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sun Tech Days 2006-2007, Hyderabad

Today it was all "Sun Tech Days" .. attended Day 1 (21-02-2007) , and my I was anxiously waiting for one particular session .. session on JRuby (Java Implementation of Ruby) by Charles Nutter, JRuby core developer. Truly speaking it was for first time I am hearing about JRuby, even though I knew about Ruby for a long time even though I never tried it ! ... was pretty interesting session and it provided insight to Ruby/JRuby and how versatile it is as OO scripting language ? I am surprised to hear that there is a high probability that JVM can be a called just a "VM" - reason : because it will serve as single execution engine for all the Java s, JRuby s, Perl s ... guys did I hear it right ???

In his session Charles pointed out why Ruby can be special - it brings alllll the "fun" factor back to your coding/programming .. ! yeah thats really some good stuff right ? I am exploring it to find it out myself ...