Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dude ... ! To whom are you peaching this .....? :)

Accidently I happened to see this article in a Catholic Christian Promotional website, I am forced to write this in my blog because they never allows you to post a comment on the articles until you reveal them your credit card number .. what rubbish ?? lol ;D

But the point is not that

One clear doubt clearly lingers in my mind after reading this :

especially this line "... maybe some of the Hindus who came to Fatima looking for Devi might have realized that they had found something much greater: the Mother of God, Theotokos."

"To whom are you teaching about THE MOTHER .. to a culture and civilization which revered and recognised DIVINITY in everything in this universe ? ".

and by the way whats a true faith .. ? and now your latest musings ;D Yoga an un-christain practice ? I can't stop giggling after hearing this ,... now really you guys are scared down to ... right .. :) forget it, these things happen !

This is my first thought after reading that article, and this blog entry is never meant to hurt any religious sentiments, this is my very personal feeling and way of expression.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Che - in the pub

I saw her in a pub ! She seemed to adorn the brand new Indian youth image by the way she looks .. and I noticed one stunning thing! "Che"* adorned on her T-shirt.

I won't fail to recognize that enigmatic figure, how much blurred my senses are ... because he is one such personality who really haunted me .. i have searched hours, days .... reading to understanding What kinda mettle is this guy made of ?? Some people always remains as an unanswered question -- an enigma

frankly speaking I couldn't understand most !!

I hope she understands because she wears him close to her heart :-) .. i really wish

*Che - Che Guevara(Ernesto Guevara de la Serna) []