Monday, December 18, 2006

Ubuntu in my laptop !!

I was always thinking of ripping the "recommends Windows XP" sticker out of my laptop, and virtually did it by installing Ubuntu my Dell Inspirion E1405 .... it has all those ingredients which makes "linux un-friendly" .. but i heard its better than !!
I was really pursuing investigations for good laptops which supports linux .. and found Lenavo(formerly IBM) and HP the better ones .. but i went for Dell since it came my way ..

Now I am now having problem in my X, so as of now no UI :-(
(WW)I810 : No matching Device section for instance (BusID PCI:0:2:2) found ...
Fatal server error
no screens found

... but today i think it will fine .. Thanks to all geeky linux/ubuntu forums out there ......! Will come tomorrow with the result ... will post it..

yeah !! guys .. at last GUI is up ! With Ubuntu all you have to do tweak the conf files ..
gone for vesa(generic driver) instead of i810 intel driver .. i got the 1024x768 resolution but I feel it looks somewhat "stretchy" .. need to check it out ..

1) open /ext/X11/xorg.conf
2) edit i810 and add vesa

Section "Device"
Identifier "Intel Corporation Intel Default Card"
Driver "i810" // go for "vesa" here
BusID "PCI:0:2:0"

3) startx (start the X)