Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its been boisterous 1 year !

Its exactly (23/11/06) one year since I joined my present company.
Nopes .. it was never a smooth sailing! But till this moment i'm having the same zest .. joined here with a clear future plans .. no factors like location, monetary was involved in that decision ..
Believe me i had tough time convincing my friends & family about my decision of moving out from a much reputed organization to join a startup !

Yeah !! there were odd backlashes .. thats part of game .. I am here not to shun away from risks or looking for secure life all along nor I am for a brand .. i am for opportunities and i am for the future .. thats drives me now !!

-- a taurean --

Hurray !! Java no longer A TRAP ! becoz now Java is OPEN)

Open source Guru "Richard Stallman" wrote an article "" on Java being Trap . It was a thought provoking article how Java can be a misfit piece to GNU/Open Source movement, due to its proprietary license model. It couldn't fit into any of the distribution like Ubuntu, Fedora, because of its license. Eventually Java will suffocate to death due to its closed/proprietary license model ..

Now JAVA is open under GPL v2 license .. and think of the merger of 2 great communities.

To the "the most innovative company" in globe - SUN Microsystems .. at this moment one thing to say "HATS OFF :-) U GUYS DRIVE INNOVATION "