Wednesday, July 19, 2006

FSF, Open source Communities ..."IT OFFERED CHOICE"

I was always fascinated by Silicon Valley folklore of geeks like Bill Joy, R. Stallman, Steve Jobs, Google guys and techies from other parts as well Linus, Alan Cox.. but I'm fascinated by one particular movement.. FSF/GNU, Open Source movement..

You know I went up to that extent of uninstalling Windows completely from my home PC, which my cousins, brother ( :-) with his email, music etc), mother (who used for emails) were hooked to, and installed Linux(Ubuntu) :-) Slowly, but surely they are out of the "Windows" trap .. they are using as before confidently ...don't you now agree that I am a true FSF/GNU/Open Source evagalist ??? Yes I am :-)
Its popularity is evident in its acceptance by community (enthusiasts, student and govt)especially in states like Kerala and Goa.

hey!! what so great about OPEN SOURCE/FSF..?

Just look into the sophisticated server-farm deployments today .. can you see Tux(Linux) there !! & look into the enterprise deployments ..can you see Apache s, JBoss s, MySQL s , Tomcat s there ... !

Thats answers your question :-)

Apps and tools which geeky grads at universities developed just for fun became later serious, sophisticated industry-ready applications & tools.
Now see what Linux was done to industry! It gave people much needed CHOICE . Now nobody can't ignore its presence. Its into your desktops, mobiles, automobiles and it is said that it even powers Google.

Another group which really matters is the Apache Foundation, with their huuuuge repository of top-quality open-source tools and applications really provided software companies/developers fresh air to breathe.

and the list goes on and on ... !

... I feel really happy to dig deep into the chunks of code from source-forge or apache repository to see how wonderfully geeks around the globe solved the maze or critically look into them to say .. Boss there is a better way to do it ... and post !!!

To me personally it always helped to horn my skills and whenever there is tech requirement from clients, very often I say to my manager "Yes, there is already a open-source app out there which does it lets use it or lets see how it works !" :-)


(i have more to write :-) to be continued ...)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Insane !! thats the name for this .....

I could never understand this and can never I ....
Why people do this ...? recently they blasted hopes, aspirations and dreams of around 200 people .... in mumbai it again happened ...

Why do we have brains ... ? i wonder if it to act maniacal ? for ripping apart innocents ?
I would never understand this .. what ever justifications, philosophies and interpretations one would have ..

I can never ... I don't want to write much here...

This is my first feelings on hearing the mumbai serial blasts .....

Insane .. thats the name ...

I wanna break this time .....

Dude !!! How insecure can be one's life ?
Have you thought about it??
I did ... when project I was working on got scrapped due to some crap business related issues :-) ....

Things are boiling !!! I need a break .... I wanna go for a trek to some place, where one can feel the calmness, feel the misty air, feel the smell of the woods ..
Blisss .... How about Tadiantamol again .... ??? folkss .. can we do it again ???