Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its been boisterous 1 year !

Its exactly (23/11/06) one year since I joined my present company.
Nopes .. it was never a smooth sailing! But till this moment i'm having the same zest .. joined here with a clear future plans .. no factors like location, monetary was involved in that decision ..
Believe me i had tough time convincing my friends & family about my decision of moving out from a much reputed organization to join a startup !

Yeah !! there were odd backlashes .. thats part of game .. I am here not to shun away from risks or looking for secure life all along nor I am for a brand .. i am for opportunities and i am for the future .. thats drives me now !!

-- a taurean --


sunil said...

You are absolutely right its very challenging to work in a startup company. Technically you can grow more but job security is less. But one thing I know some where some place this experience will help you a lot be happy my friend..

Arun said...

Congrats buddy!!!
ya we need more people who are for the future...
All great men had a tough time initially, to reach where they are , and found it tough to convince there well wishers ....

Abhi said...

Hey Anumodh Great Going!!!!!! Keep It Up!!!

"Life should not be a journey to the grave
with the intention of arriving safely
in an attractive and well-preserved body
But rather to skid in sideways,
champagne in one hand,
strawberries in the other,
body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming
"Woooohoooo - What a ride baby!!!"

- Anonymus

This is the thought that drives my life. You sound similar!!

Anumodh said...

Thnx all .. njoy !! wow Abhi.. thats
a good one :-) !!