Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kerala -- A Paradise Lost ?

I am always proud to tagged as so called "Mallu" ! because I am part of very tolerant, industrious, sophiticated culture, heritage,and by its globe trotting people ..latest to attain global attention is Mr. Sashi Tharoor !! Who will be not proud to say that he/she is from a place tagged as one of the "50 places of lifetime" by NatGeo.

Now I really fear how long I can be proud of being one ?

When I see the "Nila" or "Bharathapuzha" (prominent river in kerala) lifeless, I feel its NO MORE A PARADISE .. its a PARADISE LOST. Her rivulets dwindling .. I see no water, no sand ... its bare and with thorny,bushy vegetation.I see no intectuals, poets, historian, thinkers basking on her banks having intectual dual .. no kids doing acrobatic diving ! because there is no river, she is dead ... !

Sand quarrying killed her ... !

Even I am ashamed to say that even I am a part of society which killed her !

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