Monday, April 10, 2006

I wanna feel at home

Here we go !! Trek to Mulangiri and Kemmengundi


Inspite of all the hectic project schedule ... , I landed in Bangalore .... to join the folks (John, Pramod, Jeby, Arun) for trekk to Mulaingiri and Kemmangundi. This is probably the second time me, John and Pramod where trekking together, first was Medikeri.. it was awesome.. that it rained like hell .., leeches found way even to my shoes .. oh!! but it was fun and adrenalin pumping...

New destination is picturesque Muliangiri and Kemmangundi (04/03/2006, Saturday - o5/03/2005, Sunday)

Route Map:: Bangalore > Tumkur > Tiptur > Arsikere > Kadur > Kemmangundi

Kemmanagundi is about 230 Kms from Bangalore and nearest town is Chickmagalur. 55 Kms north from Chickmagalur town is this scenic hill station on the Baba Budan range of hills. Kemmanagundi is also known as K.R. Hills after Wodeyar King, Krishnaraja Wodeyar who had made it his favourite summer camp.

(to be continued ...)